Here you'll find everything <morph> related... there's videos and pictures from
previous <morph> events, info on upcoming ones, a podcast and
links to artists we've hosted

On 3rd April 2011, something happened that involved two electronic musicians,
Facebook, and a good idea.
The musicians: abeZilla and AppleMax
The idea: to put on a gig showcasing local live electronic music.
How to do this and organise it: Facebook...

...a couple of days later and we had enough people to play quite a few gigs...

<morph>ONE took place on May 1st, at the legendary Adelphi in Hull, and was well receieved
which has led us to organise more events, with a diverse selection of electronic music acts
taking to the stage everytime.

In addition, and to showcase the talent we have on the scene here in Hull, I decided to
record some podcasts, which will be made available soon

CDs by morphelectro

<morph>FOUR (tba)previous <morph><video>

Original background by abeZilla, processed by James Fenwick Illustration